Carnegie Mellon University
December 17, 2020

Snowy Days at CMU

By Kevin Lorenzi

& Tim Kaulen

Jason Maderer
  • Marketing and Communications
  • 412-268-3217
A December snow storm covered Pittsburgh under a white blanket, and Carnegie Mellon University students took advantage of the opportunity to go sledding, build snowmen and unwind by enjoying the winter weather.
Three chairs covered in snow
Adirondack chairs in front of the College of Fine Arts are covered by falling snow. 
Students walking past campus
First-year students Alex Ivanov, left, and Megan Baker walk hand-in-hand past the food trucks and soccer field in a snowy scene. 
Chairs on campus covered in snow
Chairs peek out from underneath a layer of snow.
Footprints in the snow
Footprints in the snow show the path students have taken through campus. 
A student gives a thumbs up in the snow.
Third year student Neha Joshi wears a Carnegie Mellon hat to stay warm in the cold on Flagstaff Hill.
A snowball fight on campus
A snowball fight breaks out on the Mall.
A bike rider trudges through campus
A bike rider passes Hunt Library in the snow.
Students write out "CMU" using flashlights for a photograph
In a long-exposure photograph, students use their flashlights to spell out "CMU."
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